General interest
Series of three articles about ESOL in museums (October 2017) Museum Practice

Series of three articles about museum blogging (July 2017) Museum Practice

‘What's the good of writers' houses?’ (Spring 2017) The Reader. The Reader Organisation and Liverpool University.

Curiosities from the Cabinet: Objects and Voices from Britain's Museums (2017) Finca Press 

What is the oddest job on campus? (August 2016) Times Higher Education Supplement. 

Editor interview for the above

My local dystopia’ (2015) in ‘The Platform Gap’.

The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary’ (2014) in Poor Yorick: A Journal of Rediscovered Objects.
author interview for the above

‘Red bus at night, clubber’s delight’ (2013) in Bus Pass Britain Rides Again (Bradt). Second edition 2016.

'The promise of other rooms' (2012) Museological Review. Leicester University. 

‘On reading objects’ (Summer 2011) The Reader. The Reader Organisation and Liverpool University.

‘Surrealism and beyond: room 2’ (Winter 2011) Flash: The International Short-Short story magazine. Chester University.

‘On my bookshelf’ (December 2008) Museums Journal. Museums Association.


Book chapters

Arnold-Forster, K., Reynolds,R., Smith,R. ‘Co-developing a scaffolding structure for doctoral collections-based research at the University of Reading’  in Engaging the Senses: Object-based Learning in Higher Education (2015) eds. Chatterjee, H. and Hannan, L. (Aldershot: Ashgate)

Manfredi,L. and Reynolds,R. 'Tales from the Coalface' in Museums and Higher Education: Learning at the Interface (2013) eds. Boddington, A., Boys J., Speight C. (Aldershot: Ashgate)

Cook, B., Reynolds,R., Speight,C.  (2010) eds. ' Looking to Learn, Learning to See: Museums and Design Education'; Aldershot: Ashgate

Journal articles
Reynolds, R. (2011) ‘Reinventing the forum: multiple perspectives, information transmission and new technologyMuseum Management and Curatorship 26 (1) pp 45-62.

Reynolds, R. (2011) ‘Museum audios for design students: auditory wallpaper or effective learning support?’ Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education (ADCHE) 9 (2), pp 151-166.

R. Reynolds, Speight, C. and Walker, K. (2010) ‘Web-based museum trails on PDAs for university-level design students: development and evaluationComputers and Education 55 (3) pp 994-1008.

Reynolds, R., Speight,C.  (2009). ‘Trials and trails:do HE design students need museum learning resources?' Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education (ADCHE)  7(3) pp.185-193.

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