Curiosities from the Cabinet

Curiosities from the Cabinet presents objects found in UK museums from Weston-super-Mare to the Shetlands, alongside interviews with people who know and love them – curators, conservators, artists, visitors, users. We hear about a euthanasia machine used by four people (introduced by the doctor who developed it); a colony of ants; the world’s oldest usable map; some 1920s toilet paper and many other exhibits.
This book will inform and intrigue anyone who likes visiting museums.

Curiosities from the Cabinet offers a glimpse of the past of museums, then a fresh exploration of their collections. Far from being a defunct form, left behind by time, the idea of the cabinet of curiosity continues to entice and surprise. This book does too.’
David Anderson, Director, National Museum Wales

‘This is both an accessible and illuminating introduction to some wonderful objects.’ 
Kate Arnold-Forster, Director, Museum of English Rural Life, Reading

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